Monday, April 15, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Best Team PvP season 7 and some reviews.

I been keeping this as a secret, but for 2 reasons now I will reveal who is the absolute best character in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
I will also review some of the new characters I guess, Fantomex. Omega Sentinel and Vision. I  ignore Black knight as he sucks, tanks are out dated his skill requires another character who have AoE bleed attacks and even then he can't counter stealth and physics what everyone uses. And his ultimate removes tanking,,yeah since is the user not going with people who can't bypass that anyway. And in PvE he is horrible, all his moves are for a lousy pvp character, they have even less use in PvE, Review of Blackknight finished: 2/10

Best Character in Season 7 Shadowcat(aka Kitty Pride) and Vision with a Phasing Agent.
For people who don't have specter you can still easily make the agent tanky with different items such getting heavy metal, become mechanical etc so thats easy to fix. Phasing with mechanical makes you immune to everything expect Magik who no one ever plays but some danger from the somewhat played Po5 Phoenix.

Kitty Pride

1 first reason, I am so tired of the systems fake PvP, I want a real pvp or at least use any of the commander game design patterns I myself have described in my research. Any of them would improve the game and as I mentioned in an earlier article something like conditional statements like how it is in Final Fantasy 12 with its gambit system would be best for the game.

2. I am so tired of reading from all retards out there who comment on how Imbalanced Quicksilver is in offence or Emma Frost, so I can agree both are good in defence. But neither of them are close to the power of Shadowcat. Its ridiculous how people can say Pietro is the MVP of season 6, if anything Kitty is even better now as everyone is running Pietro in defence and then he often will auto kill himself into by doing his AoE. And now when wallet warrior are even stronger(which will make the game die soon as I have already explained) the need for total safe win is higher meaning Kitty got back on my team to ensure a win.
Because, otherwise sure I run QS and other characters but after you reach somewhere around 1950-2000 rating its get kinda hard beating people with 60x 64 gold items if you don't have Kitty(given that you as me have put zero money to the game, I don't even have 60 x 2 gold items).

Kitty is the best character because she starts out Phased. This means the AI can't damage her but they will still try. This also means the player can set 100% attack on Kitty or maybe some accuracy(based on the users armoury etc) but there is no need for Health or evasion and so on. So she will almost always 1 shot everyone if she criticals with her sneak attack.
Playdom boosted her and made her suit have the Sneak attack as a counter, this means that if someone does an AoE attack they almost always dies. So for example while I don't run any flyers, the most common team I went was Kitty+ Natasha and I had as always a 100% win ratio until somewhere at 1800+ where it became 90-95%. This means Broken Captain Britain will often do his Smashing, while it can stun the others(same with QS) he will die from the counter of Natasha and Kitty often it's enough that just Kitty counters. My Kitty easily 1 shot almost anyone expect if they have used their life savings for the game then they die in 2 attacks which means if its AoE Natasha and Kitty will kill them together.
Setting up a guaranteed critical for Kitty is not a must but helps a lot, so Dark Sigil is great but when I was using Natasha its enough with her Ultimate to Target anyone and she and Kitty will 100% sure kill them.

Kitty works with everyone she is just imbalanced simple as that, and actually one of the main reason she is is not because she is phased nor is it the counter as most people have scroll on bologna on and will remove her counter....
Its that she is a Stealthed Scrapper. Stealth scrapping is awesome as with Stealth Tactician as it gives 2 attacks or 2 turns in the tactician case(which usually means 2 attacks).
Yep, this also means don't fucking get the Infiltrator suit for Kitty it is much worse than the Scrapper one. Scrappers are only bad in defence and that's arguable if they aren't still the best class in defence as well as if they face a inf they will kill him/her. And which I will talk about later you probably won't run Kitty in defence anyway.
Being a Scraper with a safe double attack if its an infiltrator is what always one of the core overpowered traits of Quicksilver and which was later added into Wolverine. And then Kitty and Kurt has with their alt suits.
And especially Kitty which is safe to go 100% attack on, its extremely likely she will stealth attack with Lockhead(keeping her Phase) get a free attack and kill whatever infiltrator the opponent has.
Then the next turn you can hide or break the Phase for Sneak attack with Phase advantage which will almost always kill someone right away.

Simple said he is amazingly overpowered in this game system. I run her with many different setups and they always works, last season the 2 best was Natasha + Kitty and Emma + Kitty.


Very likely Vision will be the best character after Kitty, he can go into Phase when attacked and this is before the damage is dealt. He can also go into it with a move.

Only problem ofc for this team which was true for the other team with kitty as well is psychic damage.
This would often, if not only be from Emma Frost. Sometimes Phoenix can do a psychic attack is from psi-blast and that rarely happens.
But Vision got a really nice debuff, the incapacitated. And he is a infiltrator, while this won't stop Emma from using mental trauma as it did before he will still get his counter ability and then he will counter with his attack that has phase advantage just as Kitty does with her suit passive and that attack gives them the debuff incapacitated. Which is an interesting attack as the debuff always land were stun attack has a % chance to land its stun. But instead the target might not be incapacitated when its their turn, still one of the absolute best debuffs in the game and that its a counter attack makes it one of the best counter attacks any infiltrator has I would even go so far and say the best as the damage output if he is Phased(which he is of course why would the user break the Phase) is huge.
What this means is that if anyone does a normal AoE most standarly in the meta Quicksilver with Emma, QS will likely die. For my team, if QS start with this vortex lariat, he usually gets 1 shotted by Kitty, as long as she critical hit he dies. And as I mentioned why my team I used the most was Kitty and Natasha who would rape anyone using an AoE attack. Now with Vision this only works when there are a tactician(a very common class) but as I said Kitty usually kills them alone, and the only real issue is Emma Frost which very, very likely will be a tactician. And if she is an infiltrator well then its actually still easy as with Scraper Kitty which then hits her twice going through her diamond body.
Vision can also use his third ability as a Blaster, without losing his Phase. Which is not said in the game, but that is how it is right now and if is to be changed by Playdom probably takes them a couple of months so for now at least Vision as with Kitty can attack and keep his Phase, it also adds a DoT, which is always nice. And the DoT is the radiation which is unique to him right? Agent can have it but I can't recall any other hero can so that further makes it a good attack.

Also note that Vision's attack that makes him  go phase  as with Kitty(don't matter as she starts phase but later in the rare long battles) is stealthy as well. Super good, gives you the inf bonus so then all other Vision moves are stealthy gives you the counter ability and then you can hide and counter.
And overall it of course means you got Kitty with stealth attacks and Vision with at least 1 stealth attack always, and then he got AoE moves and so on. Which is the biggest thing to have in the PvP Meta, as everyone and their mother is runing a Tank. Usually the Agent tank with hoarfrost or kuzari and the many phoenix will give the tank ability to someone. And rarely some other tanks like Captain America. Still huge number of tanks. I would probably still go with Vision for the phase even if he was not stealthy. But then he is that as well and it is with the best attack for him, the attack that guarantees phase. So ye,,,,overpowered a lot.

Furthermore, As Vision is a Blaster or Infiltrator, he will help beat bruisers as they can counter Scrapper Kitty, not normally a problem as even biffy guys like Captain Britain usually loses 50% of his health from a standard hit from Kittyes counter even when he then have 1 enrage + his self buff.

In the current retarded shit system, I don't see how the phase ability will ever be overruled. Playdom did actually release an antiphase weapon but it is so meek. If they buff that weapon heavily it might affect this team but I don't see that happening.

What could be an issue is powerful mental weapons for the Agent. The Enciphilsier was this for like a day during the PvP Tour. And then got massively nerfed, and then it has been buffed again or something. So it goes down and up, this weapon is so far in the game the best anti phase weapon. Even while nerfed I would say it is. But, I don't see it staying at a powerful level, as then anyone can go the self buff way of 3- gadgets giving stat increase and  then always one shot the whole other team with it. Which even when it is nerfed is still good.
However, this of course means just go for the freaking Agent.

But even when the agent has the right anti weapon, the chance of them using them is slim. And the other characters probably won't do anything, so yet again back to as long as the pvp system is as horrible as it is, there will be no defence versus Kitty nor Vision now.

And why the fuck is people crying that he is he not as good as former Special Operations characters? The only character that can be better than him is Emma Frost in PvP that is in PvE he is by far the best of all SO. What is the goal in a PvE battle? it is to take no damage to get the best bonus. This is why Kitty always was a good PvE character even better when she starts phased of course. Now with Vision and if the Agent is running abyssal, all 3 can be phased on a PvE Boss. Which can easily lead to a perfect win.

I like Vision, I like his design it is true to his comic powers. He is clearly overpowered and feels slightly boring abilities in his Blaster form.


Summary of best eam:

This is the best team in Marvel avengers alliance season 7, Vision + Shadowcat. If not some massively anti Phase thing is released but even then the AI won't use it properly.

NOTE: This is in Offence!!!. In defence team with epic proc rates are what can still win as everyones loved Quicksilver and Emma Frost showed appearing it like 90% of my offensive battles at adamantium league. That team will still be one of the best. But I even foresee that this team of Kitty and Vision could work in defence. Still better with Scrapper I would say as people won't be attacking into her anyway so the inf counter don't matter much. Vision can auto Phase away and Agent will hide if the right item are set up, so then Kitty should be able to kill at least 1 of them before they can damage your team, given that Vision Phases but I assume his proc rate is high in defence so.
Another defence character I think will work(if the AI works) is Fantomex which I will go into shortly why.

Other new characters

Omega sentinel is really really overpowered so a lot of her

However, she is bad against the phase team, she will just AoE attack as a Bruiser towards Kitty and kill herself, her heal can be a hassle but going with scroll is standard so in defence I don't see her as that great. Which of course means that Phase team will be even better people will use Omega Sentinel a lot, especially I predict a lot of Quicksilver and Omega Sentinel together for the double turn crazyness. Still in defence the AI does OK but sometimes it really fails as for example against Counter people. It do throw it heal and she does swap class for a more correct one, so she is not horrible. If anything its like she has the scroll of ozirosh so she kinda forces people to go with scrol of bologna.
In offence  she is really strong with the double turn + the 3 different classes, you can start attacking the inf, get the scrapper bonus then switch to Tactician and attack their blaster double as she got scrapper bonus and get 1 more turn....of course this requires no tank(or tank ability removed etc) but still she is really good when the player controls her. She can heal, set up mirror images buff also her first tactician ability is bugged(lets say its bugger that or bad design, I am guessing its bad implemented). It will first lay the target debuff(a great debuff guaranteeing critical hits on the target for 1 turn) and then attack. This is all good in the sense that she will then always do a hit and a crit on her target right. Well if its a tank on the opponent team she can lay the targeting on whoever she wants and then the tank will go in between. That’s just retard, now its like a half stealth move. The first part of the move is stealthed but not the second one... the tank should be the one getting targeted and attack. So a smart user can use her, with for example Fantomex to Target the Blaster behind the tank, hit the tank(agent probably) and then Fantomex can do a double critical attack on the Blaster, so its kinda like she  got the Black Widow Strenght of being able to Target people but also a lot of other utility.

In PvE Karima is really great as with Punisher the user can freely swap around to the right class and easily benefit from them, e.g planning for wave 2. To use her in PvP will be great with both heavy offence teams as she takes 2 turns however she has no stealth attack so she is actually far worse than Quicksilver, which is definitely what she is most alike if the user go full attack on her. I would say she is better actually in a full defensive mode and focus on her support skills, she can shield herself heal the team and give the mirror image. This will result in a long battle but a sure win. So teaming her up with a Damage over time strategies for attack seems much better. Of course at the highest of money spenders she is really epic as I had to face a lot of her + Quicksilver and they have 64x60 gold spend she is both hard to kill and does huge damage.  

As a in game character to play with I kinda like Karima, but I do feel she is such a weird choice for a golden lockbox character. She cannot have been on anyone's top list for “villain” to get. Furthermore, she again is another x-men related character(just like Magneto..X-23, Fantomex and so on).
I don't at all like that she was the games lockbox just does not make sense.
Then she got like no new moves they are all rematch of other ones.

So she gets a 4/10. A lot of bad moves, means shes good to use but boring design.

Fantomex is so far for me amazingly good.

Any person that is into selfcest is ok in my book.

Fantomex is one of my favorite marvel character, overall the whole uncanny x-force I would say is the best Marvel series since Exiles.

He like the other top broken Tactician has a stealth move, this means 2 things. He can attack infiltrator and not get countered, which as I have mentioned before is really fucking stupid. Such a bad design idea as it of course means it is a character with no weakness then. Still he only has 1 stealth move he is not like Emma with 2 physic and 1 stun attack or Natasha with only stealth moves.
However, his stealth attack is the best stealth tactician attack in the game as it pretty much gives the best(worst?) debuff in the game disoriented which makes the character sometimes attack their team mates instead. This is of course a proc rate thing, but I seen it happens a lot. And that is in offence, I have never faced a Fantomex but I would say its very likely the proc rate is very high on defence.
Secondly as with other tactician with stealth this means he can always secure his second turn. Most Blasters are runned with a tank, most commonly phoenix blaster. So its hard to land that second turn, and why Natasha is so good. Well Fantomex can then use his Fantöme move on the Blaster and  then another move, which in most  cases would be a Fantöme on a second character. I would not be surprised to see that ability have a 1 round cooldown as now its easy to apply the disoriented debuff to 2 enemies in 1 turn.

His passive while the % feels low(it is probably better on defence) the real issue with this move is that it doesn't make the character avoid the whole attack, so if it triggers on e.g Quicksilvers blinding punches 5 out of 6 of those hits will likely land. So thats kinda bad, I wanted him to especially counter QS.
However, it happens enough even in PvE to make it great and if its a 1 hit attack as most are they completely avoided. Furthermore the most important thing with this Passive buff is that it is not removed by scroll of angolob! It is neither removed if he dies actually which just seems like another mistake from Playdom as they have removed proc rate stuff after characters death, so that will likely be changed.
But I am very pleased so see a character that is not auto countered with Scroll. That would really suck,... which means he probably soon get the nerf bat to make him useless like 90% of the characters. But right now his passive is really good, but it wouldn't surprise me if he got nerfed before the end of the next tour.
Still his other abilities are kinda meeeh. As I mentioned his third, Fantöme awesome the others not so much. But the second one does give him Human Torch Annihilus passive(pretty much exactly the same thing) and it can't be removed(right now at least and it last forever). I can definitely see him in defence as long as the AI uses his Fantöme a lot, then he has a lot of strong proc rate abilities.

I am testing him right now with X-23 and I have not issued any one of them but I still haven't lost one game(not I only face Adam league players at practice so they all got huge bonuses etc). He automatically protects the team a lot and I spam Fantöme, so she has yet to die one game.
If the AI uses Fantöme in defence a lot and gets Eva going so she does her extra attack like Human torch bugs. I think Fantomex will be really good in defence if he is built super tanky. I will go 8 spry on him and just outlive people letting them kill himself on being disoriented.

What I don't like and its very disappointed with Fantomex is how boring his ultimate is and how it has to be set up, so I hope god I hope they will boost him before his release to the public as right now its just set up eva and spam get everyone disoriented rarely do I ever use the ultimate or the first move.
Still what this means is you got a character with a amazing passive and 2 abilities who are good enough to warrant his use.

5/10. He looks good, Eva does not. His animation are good,,,her is not. And his skills are very unfinished.